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President’s Message
Jon Luker
jlukerAlthough the raffle went fairly well anyway, I was a bit saddened by the Heritage Festival. Maybe it is the weather. Maybe it is that summer is mostly over. Maybe I’m just getting older and remembering how vibrant, fun, and busy the Festival used to be. A lot of work went into setting up (in the rain), selling raffle tickets, selling merchandise, and letting the public learn about veterans, their needs, and how Charles S. Kettles Chapter of VVA is helping to meet those needs. Again, Don Miller is leading the pack of volunteers at the festival. Good work, Don, Chief, and all who showed up. Larry St. Antoine also setup and staffed the merchandise tent and organized sales help for the festival. Thanks to those who supported that effort also. I know several of us, including yours truly, would like to have helped but were unable to for one reason or another.

Nothing our chapter does would be done without people who are able to volunteer and then do so. Thank you very much for your good work.

As the summer activity slows down, the legislative work speeds up. There is a new possibility on the horizon. Remember how Washtenaw County was able to pass a mileage that generated revenue for veterans’ benefits and for operating the Washtenaw County Department of Veterans Affairs? As a result, Washtenaw is now even able to provide some assistance to veterans who have not been deployed. There were other benefits, as well, of course. Well, there is a potential source of revenue that could do the same thing for the State of Michigan. Imagine one source of revenue that would come in every year that would fund the Michigan Department of Veterans Affairs, take care of burial and other veterans’ benefits, get county veteransservicesofficesupand running in every county, operate the veteran homes for disabled veterans and so forth. Now imagine that this source would be tax free!

Not long ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the US law that banned sports gambling except in Nevada was unconstitutional. That means that all states may now have sports gambling programs, including video gambling, and may receive appropriate revenue from money spent gambling, much as the State now receives money from Lottery gamblers. Shouldn’t some of the new money from sports gambling pay for support of veterans’ programs statewide?
If you think the answer is “yes,” now is the time to do something about it. All you need to do is call your local state legislators and tell them why you think it is important that they use the sports gambling revenue to support veterans first. For those of you who get an electronic copy of the Dispatch, here is a link you can click on to find your State Representative: http:// frmFindARep.aspx. And, here’s the link to find your State Senator: http://www.senate.michigan. gov/fysbyaddress.html. I assure you that if you contact your legislators and give them a good reason to support veterans, your message will be taken in to consideration. There will be competition for these funds, so, numbers will matter. Not only will the legislature need to have good reasons to use the funds to support veterans, but they will need to know that there is fundamental support throughout the community for this idea.

The other thing to do is to ask your friends and family to do the same thing. Help make your voice and their voices mean more to the legislature than the voice of the lobbyists.

De Oppresso Liber