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President’s Message
Dave Draper


I think February was the calm before the storm. It was a pretty slow month for activities, but that won’t last long. We are currently in the process of nominating members for the various Officer, Board, and delegate positions. We are also in the planning stage for our annual Recognition Dinner in April. The Officers are also trying to decide on who the award recipients this year will be for our three awards at the Recognition Dinner.

We had a good turnout of volunteers for our monthly Merchandise Sales event at the VA Medical Center. We made about the same amount of proceeds as in previous months, which is pretty good. The VA is in the process of deciding whether to move the vendor area to another area, where they think vendors will get more exposure to the public/patients. We smoothly transitioned from Meni and I heading the Merchandise Team to a three-member Team consisting of Larry St. Antoine, Scott Brooks-Miller, and Marv Rivers. Larry and Scott will handle the event setup and sales, and Marv will handle the ordering and finance. The Team is off to a great start. They already have implemented easier ways to deliver the merchandise to the vendor area, and they are going to try selling a few other items than we have done in the past. It won’t be long before we start attending Merchandise festival events. We will definitely need volunteer help at that time for setup, sales, and takedown.

The highlight of the month, in my opinion, was our second time to serve the patients at a VA Luncheon. It was a huge success again. My wife, Meni, was the photographer this time, and George Perrault, Tim Driscoll, and Steve Hitte helped serve. Of course the afternoon wouldn’t be a true success without LTC Charles Kettles. The Colonel passed out our new challenge coins (with his name on them) to the patients. As he did that, he took time to chat with each of them and took photos with those who wanted them taken. I presented LTC Kettles with one of the coins, so he would have one for himself. We also presented them to several of the Dietary staff and to the Acting Director of the Facility. We, the volunteers, were asked again to sit and enjoy a meal with the patients after all the patients had been served. It was a very good lunch served with steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, vegetable soup, and cherry pie. The volunteers especially appreciated it because this time the VA asked us to come to the event. They paid for the food this time, and we provided the waiters and the Colonel. There were a couple of VVA members from Plymouth who were there as patients.

March will bring another AVVA Quartermania event. It will be held at the Milan American Legion Post 268. As you know, all the proceeds that the AVVA gets goes to Fisher House Michigan. If you’ve never helped, come on out and see how a successful fundraiser is presented.

Notable dates in March are March 3: Navy Reserve Birthday (1915), March 5: Seabee Birthday (1942), March 29: National Vietnam Veterans Day (2017), and March 30: Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day (2011).

Have a great month and try to volunteer for at least one event a month. It’s the best way to help other Veterans, and you will feel good about doing it.

Talk to you next month.

Dave Draper