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President’s Message
Dave Draper



The ladies of the Friends, ladies of the AVVA, and members of our VVA 310 dedicated a new tree at our Vietnam Veterans Memorial on November 4. The old tree, a Bradford Pear, had to be cut down a few months back because of damage to it. That tree was dedicated back in 2003. The tree is in memory of Theresa Mullins, who was very active before her passing at the Ann Arbor VAMC and with the Michigan State Council. The new tree, as I understand it, is a Crimson Maple. I was not able to attend the ceremony as I had other commitments with the VFW but my wife did.





We had another successful packaging party on November 5. We had a good turnout of volunteers which included Miss Michigan, and Miss Washtenaw County. I’m sure John Kinzinger will be writing something in our Newsletter naming many who were there. Hopefully I will have some pictures on our website before this article is published. We packaged 43 boxes that night. We also had candy coming out our ears! It was good though. We had a great process flow and were done in thirty to forty-five minutes. The pot luck meal capped off the evening. A lot of great food was provided. It was good seeing many of the people we hadn’t seen in a while. Great job everyone!




The Quartermania that was held on November 6 was a great success. The AVVA raised over $600 that night, all going to the Fisher House Michigan. Thanks, again, for all the volunteers who stopped out to help. The ladies had great prizes to raffle and a lot of participants and vendors. The winner of the 50/50 raffle, Lloyd Lee, donated the money back to the AVVA. Thanks so much Lloyd for your unselfish act. Pizza was sold and served to help us get through the night, and gain a little more cash for the pot.

‘Stories of Service” was presented at the beautiful Hill Auditorium last month as a fundraiser for Fisher House Michigan. Many of our members were invited as VIPs from several avenues of support. I went as part of the Honor Guard. We placed the flags and then were fortunate to meet many of the contributors who donated large donations. Great food and drinks were served also. It was a great night during the program also. Several guests told their stories and told how Fisher House had affected their lives. It was announced that there were two donors were matching funds up to $250,000 for the next few days after the event. That, in essence, quadruples any donations that were made during that time, as there is another matching funds going on until the end of the month. From our Chapter were Meni & I, John & Jane, Roy & Bonnie, Tim and Kathy, Sandie Wilson, Steve & Shirley, Berry Bourne, and Horrace Frazier- A good portion of our Chapter in attendance.

During our November General Meeting I received some really great news. Larry St. Antoine announced that he, Scott, and Marv would be taking over the Merchandise Team. As many of you know, I took over the Team temporarily until we could fill the empty positions. Thank you VERY MUCH for stepping up. We will be transitioning the Team over the next couple of months. Look for more great teamwork from our new leaders.

The Saline New Horizons Band performed its Veterans Tribute Concert again this year at the Saline Middle School. As usual, it was full of tunes of the military and those that were played during our many wars and conflicts. A trumpet solo of “Embraceable You” was played by Joe Labuta, and a vocal solo of “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” was sung by Coast Guard Captain David Smith. Larry St. Antoine and John Kinzinger of our Chapter along with five other Honor Guard volunteers posted and retrieved Colors. It was a great night of stress relief!

John Kinzinger was reflecting that he thought this year was our thirtieth year of presenting Thanksgiving meal to the residents of Dawn Farms. I believe this is Meni and my third year. This was one of our Chapter’s opportunities to reach out to our community to give back. Meni and I, John and Jane, and Roy and Bonnie met as usual at Kroger to shop for all the fixings. It was kind of fun. We had a list that was put together by the Kinzingers, which we promptly expanded upon. We purchased several hams, vegetables, rolls, milk, juice, and many pies. We then took them to the Farms and delivered them to a very grateful staff and residents. Al Merritt met us there to be a part of the evening. After blessing the food everyone adjourned to the common area to get to know each other better. Meni & I were not able to stay for this part, but I hear it was very successful. It is a great thing our Chapter does for others. I’m proud to be a part of it.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and were able to spend it with family and/or friends.

Pictures of some of these events can be viewed on our website at www.vva310.org. Look under Events/ Photo Gallery.

Dave Draper