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Our four-time award winning newsletter will keep you up-to-date with current events, new plans, insights on current issues, and leadership guidance. Here you have a chance to read the current newsletter as well as newsletter from the previous year. Note: if you wish to read a past issue of The 310 Dispatch, please contact the newsletter editor.


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Dispatch 2017 - There Isn't A October Newsletter For 2017

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Member Biographies

Often a member biography may be printed in The Dispatch. Members of VVA 310, AVVA and Friends are encouraged to submit a personal biography so that we know each other better. Help is available if you feel you need help in writing this. Here is an outline to follow:


City and State where born and riased

High School Attended

Additional schooling and/or work experience prior to entering the service

Military Service - Date entered the service

- Drafted or enlisted

- Branch of service Why?

- Basic Training at what base: Located where?

- Additional Training Where?

- Where did you serve other than Vietnam

- When and where di dyou seve in Vietnam

- What was your job (Rating/MOS)

- What were your most memorable experiences whille in country or while serving in the

coastal waters off Vietnam?

- How did you feel then and how do you feel now about the Vietnam experience?

- What effect/influence has the Vietnam experience had on your life?

Post Military Service - What have you done since your discharge from the military?

- Are you married or single? Wife's name:

- Children Family information

- School or Training

- Employment (Past and current)

- Special Honors and/or Awards

- Hobbies

- Special interests/skills

- How di d you happen to join VVA 310

- How has VVA contributed to your life

- Additional comments/information