• Chuck and his wife Ann

  • President and Charlie heading to the East Room

  • Chuck and his son Mike

  • Chuck and his daughter Jeanna

  • Medal of Honor

  • East Room For The Medal of Honor Ceromony





vietnamservice>> Click on the Nam ribbon to view Col. Kettles Medal of Honor display at Frankenmuth. 


vietnamservice>> Click on the Nam ribbon to view Joe Palazzolo's booth at Frankenmuth.  Joe's booth is the second of two.  The First being Col. Kettles MOH display. 


Below are images of our annual Veterans In The Classroom at Pioneer High School.  We were in the smaller auditorium with about seventy high school students for three hours fielding questions about the Vietnam War and our experiences.

We start the program with a slideshow of our in-country pictures.  After the slideshow we introduce ourselfs with a brief description of our Vietnam tour.  Click here to view the six minute slideshow on Youtube.


L-R - Pioneer High Teacher Brent Richards with John Kinziner
L-R  Larry St.Antoine, John Kinzinger, Brian Graef, Dale Throneberry, Marty Cothorn, Al Merritt.
Not Shown is Gen. Henderson and Dogman
 Pioneer High Sophmore Joe F.
- Veterans In The Classroom 2017 -
Background L-R chapter members Brian Graef (Army) and Dale Throneberry (Army)




vietnamservice>> Click on the Nam ribbon to jump to the Shutterfly site to view the 2017 Kokomo Vietnam Reunion.  This year David "Doc" Martinez and Gary Lillie's Memorial bricks were place in the HCVV Memorial Garden.

The ladies pictured below planted new flowers for the upcoming 2017 Memorial Day

Bonnie, Kate, Shirley and Corrineavva
 L-R Jane, Corrine, Shirley, Kate and Bonnie