Below is a letter written by John Kinzinger to the Ann Arbor News following the article about John N. Thomplson's murder, late sumer 1988.  

Your left right, hup to,

Your left right left

Hidee, Hidee, Hidee, Ho

Off to Vietnam we'd go.

If you were a spectator at the 1988 Juy 4th Ypsilanti Parade, you probaby heard this as part of the cadence called by our Vieltnam Veterans of America Parade Leader.

Our proud sharp leader was John N.  Thompson, Jr.  He was one of the nicest, congenial, kindest personable gentlemen I have ever met.  He sounded and looked much like my basci training drill sargeant.  His fatigues were tailor fit and always starched.  He was in good shape and one of the few in our group who could still fit in his service uniform of 20 years ago.  And his voice projeted in a sharp low tone. 

If you never saw us march in a parade, you missed a chance to see and hear our parade leader.  For John N. Thompson, Jr., was the attorney who was visciousy knifed slain in Ypsilanti last weekend.

John was 40 and never married and had little or no family in the area.  John would go to work at the firms law office commonly before 6:00 a.m. to prepare for his day's adenda.  Then work long hours and find time to partticipate in our VVA activities and workout most every day.  I guess I understand how his neighbors, who probably never saw him, could have described his as a recluse, as reported in Monday's Ann Arbor News article.

John, our prayers go out to you and your family.  Our Vietnam Veterans Groiup will dearly miss you.  You were a fine example of a U.S. Veteran very proud to have served his country.  Our marching will never be the same.  We had a fine gentleman taken from us.  On behalf of our Group, I wouild like to dedicate our 1988 Ypsilanti Heritage Festival Parade March to you.

John N. Thompson, Jr., may God bless you and welcome you home. 


John Kinsinger