John Thompson
Veteran Of The Year  
John Kinzinger
Jack McManus
1988 ?
1989 ?
1990 ?
1991  ?
1992  ?
1993 John Kinzinger
Don Meabon
1995 Richard Knight
1996 Gary Lillie
1997 Bill Lowe
Tom Mullins
1999  ?
2000  ?
2001  ?
2002 Ray Boggs Jerry Sims Always There 
2003 Dave 'Doc' Martinez Becky Sims for Jerry Sims
2004 Vance 'Dogman' McCrumb Dave 'Doc' Martinez
2005 George 'Chief' Perrault Tom Mullins
2006 Roy Hall Gary Lillie
2007 Gordon Moore John Kinzinger
2008 Del Mayes Vance 'Dogman' McCrumb
2009 Don Behm George  'Chief' Perrault
2010 Paulo Periera Pete Belaire President's Award 
2011 Tim Driscoll Roy Hall Marv Rivers
2012 ? ? Tim Clarke
Don Miller
Al Dyer
Del Mayes Vance 'Dogman' McCrumb
2014 Bob Kwiecinski George 'Chief' Perrault Elmer White
2015 Gene Morely Steve Hitte John Kinzinger & Don Miller
*David 'Doc' Martinez President's Award
2016 Al (Fredo) Merritt Don Miller Sandy Martinez
2017  Berry Bourne  George Perrault  Jon Luker
2018  Larry St. Antoine
 Tim Driscoll
 Dave Draper
2019 Covid-9 Covid-19 Covid-19
2020 Rev. Robert Bull Chris Wetzler
Berry Bourne, Jon Luker, Saline American Legion's Eric Englemeier and the
crew from Local 499
2021 Dale Throneberry Eric Downie Alice Lee, Joe Palazzolo & Robinson Funeral Home
    Brian Graef   Brian Byha   Marv Rivers , Steve Larkins (Home Depot Store Manager)
*The President's Award was re-named the 'Doc' Martinez President's Award in Honor of Doc who passed away in 2016.  Doc was our Chapter President when we were awarded our first National Chapter of The Year in 1999.