On this page our VVA310 members will have a chance to tell their stories exactly the way they want their story told. They can include photos, movies, and memorabilia. Their accounts can cover stories during military service; their stories after the military service; and their stories now.

For those who choose to do so, a link to a vide recording of their story can also be included. This video service is provided by the Veterans History Project.


Interesting Event(s) While In Country

vietnamservice<<Bill Feight - Encounter with a Tiger

vietnamservice<<Bill Feight - Hello Again

vietnamservice<<Bill Feight- Friend

vietnamservice<< Reuel Long - Reunion 45 years later

Member Bio's

vietnamservice<< Jon Luker

vietnamservice<<George (Chief) Perrault

vietnamservice<< Ken Rogge

vietnamservice<< Dave (Dogman) Hizer

vietnamservice << Robert (Ski) Kwinecinski

vietnamservice<< Ralph Winter

vietnamservice<< Vance (Dogman) McCrumb

vietnamservice<< John (Screaming Eagle) Kinzinger

vietnamservice<< Alferd (Fredo) Merritt


Veterans Radio Interviews >> Veterans Radio has moved their recorded program archives.  The links with the Vietnam Service Ribbon for 2011 are good.  2010 interviews and not yet archived on Veterans Radio's new site. As soon as we find out where these links are I'll update this page.

 The link below is an interview done by VVA 310 member and founder of Veterans Radion Dale Throneberry with fewllow chapter member Charles Kettles on 11/01/2015.  Directly below that interview are interviews by VVA 310's Gary Lillie with other VVA 310 members. Interviews were webcast on the dates shown. 



medal of honor ribbon<< Charles Kettles - US Army Huey Pilot - Interview on Veterans Radio about his pending DSC upgrade to the Medal Of Honor.



vietnamservice<< Marv Rivers - Marine - stepping on a land mine - 07/16/2011

vietnamservice<< Jack McManus - Operation Ranch Hand - 02/05/2011

vietnamservice<< Sandie Wilson - Vietnam Mash Nurse - 01/29/2011



Bill Feight - RTO - 12/11/2010

Don Behm - PTSD - 12/04/2010

Tom Fifield - Door Gunner 8/7/2010

Gary Lillie - Seabee - 06/05/2010

Paulo-Juarez Pereira - 03/06/2010

Dale Throneberry - Assult Helicopter Pilot 02/13/2010


vietnamservice<< Veterans History Project 

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vietnamservice<< Veterans History Website

vietnamservice<< John Kinzinger

vietnamservice<< Gary Lillie

vietnamservice<< Vance McCrumb

Youtube Video

vietnamservice<< Elizebeth Allen and Sandie Wilson's Youtube interview on Agent Orange