For some reason, two wars have produced a great deal of poetry by those who participated in them: World War I and Vietnam. Only with prolonged deep thought and comprehension will we clarify the reasons for that.

Here we have a selection of poems that are particularly significant to the members of VVA Chapter 310. It is hoped that this page will offer a resource for those who seek insight into military life--and specifically about the Vietnam War. Sometimes more can be expressed in a poem or song than can be told by individual veterans.

[Editor's note: All submissions are edited so that we maintain the same standard and tone--but of course, the author is the final authority on the form that is published. Thanks.]

A Poem for Lois Perrault, by Jane Kinzinger.

I Knew Them All by Paul Stewart Dumsch

My Name is Old Glory by Howard Schnauber

Just A Common Soldier   V. Lawrence Vaincourt

Who's Going to Pipe for the Piper? by Gary Lillie 

30 Years by Gary Lillie

A Piece of Sky Without Bombs by Lam Thi My Da

Dancing on a Land Mine by Paul Stewart Dumsch

"Hello, David"  by Dusty

THE WALL - an Australian view   by Lachlan Irvine

KOREA, The Forgotten Men by Paul Stewart Dumsch

Extreme Sports by Stuart K. Polzin USMC

Enough Hugs by Vince Kaspar

Bury Me With Soldiers by Charles R. Fink

Jim & David B  by Gary Lillie

I Wasnt a Grunt  by Gary Lillie

Poems by Dave Hizer

An Hour Before I Fly Author Unknown

Which Branch of the Service is the Best? Author Unknown