Yankee Air Museum Vietnam War Diorama

The Yankee Air Museum is creating a new dynamic diorama based on the Vietnam War. In doing so, we will be one of only a few museums within the state of Michigan to honor the Veterans of this conflict. We feel that it is due time to honor the men and women of this War who risked their lives to protect and promote freedom at home and abroad. The diorama will focus on our three Vietnam veteran aircraft: the F-4C Phantom II the UH-1 Huey and the O-2 Skymaster, as well as detailing the important role that each branch of the military played throughout this conflict. We will be constructing a revetment wall around the F-4C that will reflect different versions of revetments used during the conflict, primarily oil barrels, sand bags, and corrugated steel.

f-4 f-4rear
An Air Force F-4C being taped for a new paint job. This aircraft will be part of the  Vietnam War diorama

With all this being said, Yankee Air Museum would like to ask for your help! If you have experience in construction, we need help building the revetment wall, as well as securing the oil barrels and corrugated steel to a reinforcement wall. Filling sand bags would be a big help, as well as general help with recreating the environment of Vietnam. If you would like to share your stories of your experience in Vietnam, we are looking for veterans to contribute Oral Histories to make the exhibit more interactive. We are also looking for photographs of Vietnam that we could scan in to the computer to put to use throughout the exhibit, as well as any uniforms or military equipment.

wingedassult chopper
The UH-1 Huey shown above was repainted by 310 Chapter members.  The detailing was done by YAM members.  The above painting is on dispaly with the Huey

Chapter 310 of the Vietnam Veterans of America in Ann Arbor, Michigan, partners with the Yankee Air Museum, located about 15 miles east of Ann Arbor at Willow Run Airport. VVA310 members work in close cooperation with the Museum to obtain military aviation historical artifacts, maintain equipment, promote museum events and increase awareness of the importance of the Yankee Air Museum to the cultural history of the region.

The Museum is located adjacent to the former site of Henry Ford's Willow Run Bomber Plant. During World War II almost 9,000 B-24 "Liberator" bombers were manufactured at the plant. The B-24 holds the distinction of being the most produced heavy bomber in history. Pilots and crews slept on 1,300 cots waiting for the B-24s to roll off the assembly line at Willow Run.

Helen of Troy was said to have the face that launched a thousand ships; Willow Run was the place that launched 9,000 Liberators that turned the tide of World War II to the Allied forces.

This page is dedicated to the important connection and cooperation between VVA310 and the Yankee Air Museum. Here we show how VVA310 members participate in museum events, and how they work to obtain and maintain museum equipment and historical artifacts.


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