Covid-19 did not deter our annual contributors or our program for our local hospitalized Veterans. As part of, this our 33rd, VA Medical Center Christmas program on December 21st members picked up and delivered 150 special embroidered shirts to the VA. The cost of the shirts was $3700.

Linda Colby, Unique A-Peel Embroidery and widow of former Chapter member David Colby, throughout the year buys an array of styles of shirts of our needed sizes and puts on our special embroidery message.  

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Thanks to Stan Harrison, Berry Bourne, Steve & Shirley Hitte, pictured above, for handling the pick-up and delivery. Not shown is Roy Hall who took the picture with his cell phone camera.  Looks like he needs to get it repaired, :>)).  

Since we are not allowed to make room visits, the VA Voluntary Services Director will contact each nursing floor to come to their office, and get the appropriate size shirts for the patients on their floor. The remaining shirts will go to the Oncology Department for their cancer treatment patients.

We will follow up in early January (see below) with our annual underwear giveaway in the same manner. The cost of the 150 sets of t-shirts and underwear was $5,600.


Second image below are, Jane and John,  Chapter President Stan, Bonnie and Roy.


Thanks again to our contributors, even with the Covid-19. You did not forget our hospitalized Veterans.

We did miss the annual fun of the room visits and music performers this year.  May 2021 allow us to go back to our annual program.


John K

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