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Gathering of the colors Vietnam Veterans Memorial 11/11/2022



This is a great video of our POWs and a couple of their reunions.  Regardless of where you stand with former President Nixon, this is worth viewing.

Below is a powerful short video sung as you've never heard (or seen) before.  Credit - Music Group, Disturbed - Video Richard Tavernaro

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vietnamservice<<2013 Christmas Party
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vietnamservice<<2014 Halloween Party           
vietnamservice<<2017 VVA 310 Memorial Day Celebration                    
vietnamservice<<2017 Watch Fire
vietnamservice<<June 11, 2017 Packaging: Box #4000
vietnamservice<<2017 Halloween Party
vietnamservice<<2017 Friends' Memorial Tree Dedication
vietnamservice<<2017 Patient Steak Fry @ A2 VA with Charles Kettles
vietnamservice<<2017 Christmas Packaging
vietnamservice<<2018 VA Patient Luncheon
vietnamservice<<2018 Recognition Dinner
vietnamservice<<May 2018 AVVA Check Presentation to Fisher House Michigan
vietnamservice<<2019 VA Underwear Party
vietnamservice<<2019 WACU Fundraiser
vietnamservice<<2019 WCCV Dinner
vietnamservice<<2019 Recognition Dinner
vietnamservice<<2019 Fisher House Ann Arbor Groundbreaking (courtesy Legion Post 46)
vietnamservice<<2019 WCCV Dinner
vietnamservice<<2020 Ltc. Kettles Bench Dedication (courtesy Legion Post 46)
vietnamservice<<2023 Vietnam Veterans Day at the Kettles VAMC