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Above is the flyer for raffle tickets for a fundraiser to restore (static display) the C-130 that Lt.Pham Quang Khiem "borrowed" to escape Vietnam in 1975.  He loaded his family and friends into the aircraft to make good their escape.
The aircraft is a gift from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. It cost the National Warplane Museum $14,000 to ship the fuselage. The National Warplane needs $400,000 to restore the aircraft, part of which is re-painting the aircraft to its original American and South Vietnamese Colors.
Lt. Pham Quang Kheim was a South Vietnamese Air Force Pilot and took advantage of his training to escape Vietnam as the North Vietnamese were taking over the country. 

When reached by phone, he laughed as he explained he really only borrowed the plane and didn't steal it.

"I didn't keep it myself - the Air Force got it back," he said.

Lt. Pham Quang Khiem, who goes by Khiem Pham, was a South Vietnamese Air Force pilot in April 1975, when he and his family and friends fled the country.

At that point, it seemed certain that the country would fall to the communist North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces and Khiem Pham, then 27, feared he and his relatives in the military would be captured by their enemy and forced to do hard labor. They might die doing it, he thought.

The United States, an ally to South Vietnam, had pulled out two years before, but they'd provided pilot training and airplanes. One of those airplanes was the C-130 that Khiem Pham now keeps pictures of in his wallet and phone.

Lt. Pham Quang Khiem, was a South Vietnamese Air Force pilot in April 1975, when he fled the country with his family in tow.