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Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 310,
President's Message
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VVA 310

The Vietnam Veterans of America National Chapter of the Year - 1999 & 2007

Newsletter of the Year 2007, 09, 11 & 15


President’s Message - David 'Doc' Martinez



This was a busy month for me and Sandra, as well as for Tim and Kathy Driscoll, Ken Rogge, Sandie Wilson and Bob and Sharon Kwiecinski went with representing his Florida Chapter. It was great having Bob K with us as he and Ken Rogge were great fun to be with as we searched for great places to eat.  We found a few and Zbistro was one of our favorites.

The Convention was great. I haven't been to Convention in 18 years. This year we got the Convention Proposed  Amendment changes listed and the Amendments to look at to see how these changes would affect the Amendment. I read mine in the car when Sandra was driving.

Jefferson Airplane opened the Convention.  They were great for an hour and half. They came back the next morning to open our meeting with the “Star Spangled Banner”.
There were 31 Amendments and of the number 6 Amendments Failed and 30 were passed. The biggest thrill was to sit their and hear theVVA President John Rowan announce that Chapter 310 won the “THE NEWS LETTER OF THE YEAR”. My sincere congratulations to Jon Luker for this awesome award, this is our 4th  Newsletter of the Year award. Well done to our newsletter team Jon Luker, John and Jane Kinzinger, George Perrault and Pete Belaire.

This brings me to my issues with the newsletter.  I personally think its
a wonderful newsletter.  How can you argue with success.  I can print the newsletters to save hard copies but the format is too small.  I have a tablet and a smart phone, but, I don’t use them to read the newsletter.  And when I print with the option to print on both sides of the paper, I still print on twelve pages.  Those who do not have that option have to print on 24 pages.  Why can't there be link for pc, smart phone and tablet. So I'm asking the Chapter to help me out and support my desire to have a link for people who print it out in the older format.  I never ask for much so please let Jon know you want it available in the old format. Jon, I have not forgotten your words of supposed wisdom to spend $2.00 and get in the 21st century.

The results of the National Officers Election:
President - John Rowan 648 votes, Marsha Four 461 votes
Vice President - Marsha Four 461
Secretary - Bill Meeks 656
Treasure - Wayne Reynolds 632 votes
National Board of Directors at Large - Chapter Member Sandi Wilson with 330 votes.  Congratulations to Sandie Wilson.
Region 5 Director is Tom Burke.

I received a letter from Fifth Third Bank Michigan State Fair Charity Preview. They would like to extend an invitation to our Chapter.  The Preview will take place at the Suburban Collection Showplace.  I have asked the VP to have this placed Events section on our website.  I saw in this invite we will get a sneak peek of the State Fair, a long free unlimited Midway rides and a special performance by the Detroit Shrine Circus. Its just what we need to go out and have fun with our fellow vets and their families.  We need to have fun once in a while also I'm sure your children and grand kids will enjoy the Midway rides.  I would like to have a good group Vietnam Veterans to join me in this parade.  Remember the saying”out of sight, out of mind?”  As long as we are visible, the public cannot forget us and our sacrifices.  Nor can they forget our brothers and sisters who are KIA/MIA  WE MARCH FOR THEM!!

Probably the greatest news at the convention was their ONCE IN A LIFETIME SPECIAL OFFER.  This is a one time offer from August 1 to December 31, 2015.  The cost for Life Memberships is only $100.00.  When I got mine it cost $250.00.

If only half the Chapter find one new member we will soar past 200 members. We are currently near 180.  Its up to each of us to recruit new members.  I will try myself to personally recruit 2 new members and I challenge the membership to do the same.  You have to sell the Chapter by telling them how deeply in your heart you feel about our us.


by Edgar A. Guest

This is courage: to remain
Brave and patient under pain,
Cool and calm and firm to stay
In the presence of dismay;
Not to flinch when foes attack,
Still to cling to what is right,
When the wrong possesses might.

This is courage: To be true
To be the best men see in you;
To remember, tempest-to succeeded,
Not to whimper, “All is lost!”
But to battle to the end
While you still have strength to spend;
Not to cry that hope is gone    
While you've life to carry on,

This is courage: to endure
Hurt and loss you cannot cure;
Patiently and undismayed
Facing life still unafraid;
Glad to live and glad to take
Bravely for your children's sake.
Burdens they would have to bear
If you fled and ceased to care.


Together, we truly make a difference.



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Chapter Address And Contact Information 
VVA 310 PO Box 3221 Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3221
Toll Free: 866.824.4VVA

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