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Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 310,
President's Message
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VVA 310

The Vietnam Veterans of America National Chapter of the Year - 1999 & 2007

Newsletter of the Year 2007, 09, 11 & 15


President’s Message - David 'Doc' Martinez



This month sure went by fast.  It was a busy month too.  Once again our Chapter members came together as a family to make things go smoothly.  You still never cease to amaze me and I am so very proud of you. I remember as a kid my parents always told me, “You may have a lot of friends, but, when the chips are down, it’s your family that you can count on.”  Well, I've found that to be true.   And, as a family, Chapter 310 has proven that to be true. When the chips are down you show up and help. When one of our members is ill you show up and help with and your cards, flowers and kind words of support. That means a lot, my friends. I can never thank you enough but you’re my family.

It’s so wonderful to start a message by telling you how very pleased I am with our Chapter 310 members who have gone above and beyond serving our fellow Veterans of all the Wars. Over the years you hosted the Korean War Veterans Luncheon, then the Vietnam Veterans Luncheon and that was followed up by the WWII Veterans and Rosie the Riveters Luncheon on August 25, 2015.  It was great to see the happy faces of all the veterans at those luncheons and the young ladies dressed as Rosie the Riveters at the WWII event.  Speaking about the riveters, I was talking to a couple of the ladies and one tugged at my sleeve and with tears in her eyes said to me, “You guys didn't forget us.” I said, “Of course not, you were one of the most important parts of that war building those bombers and all you did to keep the troops with weapons of war to fight the enemy.  How can we forget you?”

I was sitting with a World II vet who said to me, “I'm the oldest vet here.  I'm 95.”  We sat there and chatted until John Kinzinger got up and introduced the oldest veteran to everyone.  He was 100 years old. He looked at me and said, “I guess I wasn't”.  I just looked at him and said, “It was great to have you here and thank you for your service,” and shook his hand.  We made a lot of people happy at these luncheons.  We showed them that we cared, and we honored them.  We made a difference, the Vietnam Veterans, our brothers from the VFW, the VFW Ladies Auxiliary and our Friends and AVVA members.

You all deserve to receive a Certificate of Excellence because you never cease to amaze me.  We just pulled off one of biggest events our Chapter has as a fundraiser. The Pig Roast this year was the biggest crowd we’ve ever had and everyone pitched in and got the job done. But the leaders of this endeavor who deserve all praise for their hard work are Don Miller and Al Dyer, and their crew.  I need some names of people like the leader of Girl Scouts and anyone else you two leaders think deserves some recognition for their help during the event.

I think some of the prizes this year were better than before as well as the bid items. It
was one of the best raffles we have ever had in a long time. I really enjoyed working with George, Roy and my wife Sandy on the Raffle table.
In closing I would like you all to keep Jon Luker in your prayers during his present illness. I got a chance to call him today and he is doing well, but add him to your church's prayer list.  Jon is ARMY Strong!

I guess what amazes me about my experience in Vietnam is how incredibly close you can get to guys you didn't know all your life or grew up with. How close you can get to somebody you hardly know for any length of time, but you can depend on each other for survival. The marines who fought in Vietnam and their brothers from the other services were second to none in professional conduct and sacrifice. If I could say one thing to the children of today and my grandchildren, it would be this: “Don't let your President or Congressional leaders send any Americans to fight in war they don't intend to win.”


Together, we truly make a difference.



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Chapter Address And Contact Information 
VVA 310 PO Box 3221 Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3221
Toll Free: 866.824.4VVA

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