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Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 310,
President's Monthly Message
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VVA 310

The Vietnam Veterans of America National Chapter of the Year - 1999-2007

Phil Hecker

President’s Message - 

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,


Winter is just around the corner, which means the season of “thanksgiving” is upon us.  Thanksgiving has many meanings amongst us – to be thankful, first of all, to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; thankful that we have our homes and family around us; thankful for our bountiful freedoms; thankful for our troops who are willing to go out into harm’s way and protect not only our country’s freedoms, but also the freedoms of those who are not as fortunate as we in these United States of America.  Please stop and take time to ponder what thanksgiving means to you and praise the Lord that we can be thankful!  We are blessed in so many ways here at VVA Chapter 310, as we have many warm friendships; next to family, that is so important.

The warmer temperature activities of the chapter are done for this year.  We wind down with our Halloween Party on October 31st, and the largest gathering at the VA with our Christmas Party, where we are met with our ‘brothers-in-arms’ Rolling Thunder and Chapter 528 on December 16.  What a way to celebrate our Lord’s birth than with our brothers and fellow veterans.  To be able to bring a smile to someone’s face and help it light up,,, that face is ours and the patients.  What they make us feel; we are special individuals who are blessed to have one another.

As the deer start to scurry through the forest, and on to our roads, please be careful, not only for their sake but for yours.  We know these beautiful animals are around the VFW, with all the woods, so be on the lookout for God’s beautiful creatures.



Phil (Flip) Hecker



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