August 2019

Regular Meeting Minutes - VVA Chapter 310
By Jon Luker, Secretary

8 Aug 2019
Call to order by President Driscoll at 1902
Pledge of Allegiance
Opening Prayer: Kinzinger
Moment of silence for POW/MIA’s, their families and those who are serving in hazardous places around the world.
Roll call:  A quorum was established.  Welcome Home, Everyone!
New Members:    None
Guests:  Bob Kwiecinski was here for his birthday!  Bill Gibson who lives in Munith and doesn’t get to Ann Arbor often got a chance to make the meeting tonight.  Welcome home both of you.
Motion to Approve the May Minutes by Brooks-Miller/Merritt. Approved.
President’s Report:
The Piggy is going to happen this year.  It is because many members and AVVA are working on making it happen.  Sponsors are showing up.
Saline Chamber of Commerce has had a change of command.  They are encouraging us to put out veteran information on their new information racks.  
Next year’s Memorial Day ceremony is already on the books for Saline.
Treasure’s Report:  Bourne.  Year to date financials reported.  Cash position explained.  No Questions.
AVVA Report:  Driscoll.  Please see attached report.  
Food Pantry:  Miller.  No Activity.
Merchandise Report:  St Antoine.  We’ll need help at the Pig Roast, then at Ann Arbor Arms, then at the Clinton Fall Festival, as well as at the VA.  Signup sheets are going around.  We also need people who will help us take things down.  We still need somebody to take over the operation after we finish in September.  If nobody does, we close the second week of September.
Washtenaw County Council of Veterans Report:  Luker.  August Wallman, Commander of DAV 13 and representative to the Council, died suddenly.  The Council is also investigating reports that the US Department of Labor is canceling or refusing to issue contracts under the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program.  
Michigan State Council:  Sandie Wilson won a land slide reelection to the Board Member at Large position she has held for many years.  Jack McManus won the election for the National Treasurer, assuring us that we will finally get a finance report that actual people can understand.  Long time Michigan State Council President, John Riling, was elected to be the Region 5 Director as well.  The members voted to order the Board of Directors to prepare a plan for approval by the members changing the name of the VVA and to change qualifications so that all veterans may join. The new plan must be presented for member approval at the 2021 convention.
A plan calling for a specific closing date was defeated.  A plan authorizing (but not requiring) the Board to take such action as necessary to close the VVA was also defeated.
Memorial Committee Report:  Merritt.  Harrison is going to give us an edger that should last the rest of the year, so we are not going to replace the weed whip yet.  We are going to wait until cooler weather to change the wood chips around the bushes for rocks.  
Website Committee Report:  McCrumb.   Our site does get visited.  140,000 hits so far.
Membership Report:  McCrumb.  210 members.
Newsletter:  Pereira.  No report.
Health Care:  Wilson.  No report.  
VAAAHS Report:  Kinzinger.  Our next VA event will be the Halloween Party, at 1730 on Saturday 26 October.  As always, it is a costume event and we will spend some time together at the Sidetrack afterward.  20 December the Christmas Party - the underwear giveaway.  26 Nov is Dawn Farm. We meet at Kroger on Maple Road at 1600 and then meet at Dawn Farm at 1800.   
Old Business:  None
New Business:  None
Good of the Order:
Luker    Lloyd Lee’s nephew is offering a great discount to veterans who need a golf cart at Kokomo.  You can reserve yours by calling Paul, (the nephew) at 765-464-9760.
Kinzinger    10 pallets of girl scout cookies will be here at the VFW on 1600 on Monday.  We will need help to unload the trucks and distribute the cookies.
Brooks-Miller    There is a flyer available for a Veterans Radio event called “There I was.”  It is an open mic night where veterans can tell their stories. These nights will be the last Wednesday of the month for the next four months. The first one was “How you got into the service.”  The next one is your story about basic training.  These events will be conducted at the VFW 423 Hall from 1800-2000.  The next one is 28 August. The stories are recorded and made available as a podcast on Veterans Radio.  They will also be donated to the Smithsonian Institute as part of the National Oral History Project.
White:    There will be a groundbreaking at Veterans Memorial Park for a new 40-foot-high flagpole being paid for by VFW and American Legion ($10K each).  John K will be one of the people with a shovel at the event, representing the VFW.  The City will be doing the landscaping.  After construction is finished, a dedication for the flagpole will be scheduled.
Driscoll:    Breakfast tomorrow at 0900 at The Bomber.
Closing Prayer: Kinzinger
Salute the Flag
Adjourned 2002.
Respectfully Submitted, Jon Luker