As of August 10, 2020, to qualify for Agent Orange-related benefits, a veteran must have one or more of the 14 conditions VA presumes to have been caused by exposure to the herbicide, which are:

The below are links to the VA's information on these diseses.  

The following information is from our chapter Secretary, Jon L

There are several ways to get compensation for exposure to agent orange or other toxins.  One way is to serve in Vietnam or a few other places and get one of the 14 diseases that are presumed to be caused by toxic exposure – but only if you were in one of the places the military admits to having used toxins.

If you weren’t in one of the areas, but you got one of the 14 presumptive diseases, then you have to prove you were exposed to toxins to get benefits.

If you get some other kind of disease then you have to prove you were exposed to toxins and you have prove that it is at least as likely as not that the toxic exposure is the cause of whatever illness you have.  If you do that, you get compensation.