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The Veterans Crisis Line is staffed by caring, qualified crisis responders who are there to help. Many of these responders are veterans themselves. 

Crisis Line (Call 988)

Crisis Line (Text 838255)

 Camp Lejeune Justice Act 

Who is eligible?

Chapter member LTC. (Retired) Chuck Kettles received the Medal of Honor in July 2016

LTC Charles S. Kettles (ret) Passed Away On January 21, 2019.  Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace...


We lost another hero on December 23, 2021, Lloyd Lee (above). 

Click Here To Find Out If You Qualify For Health Care At The VA As A Veteran.


President McCrumb's Message -September 2023 




Chapter and Charter member Jack McManus was reelected to serve as National President of Vietnam Veterans of America at the organization’s 21st National Convention, held in Orlando, Florida and Sandie Wilson was reelected as a National Director At-Large.  She received the VVA Commendation Medal.  The VVA Commendation Medal, the organization's highest award, recognizes members for outstanding, exemplary service to veterans and the community.  
Attended the WCCV meeting on the 21st.  Chapter member and WCCV Commander Rev. Bull reported that the VA doesn't need any more socks from his sock drive. They are good to go for a while but, Rev. Bull said he may still accept new socks for any future needs that may arise at the VA.  He also reported that the Veterans Resource Center is closed due to his work schedule amongst other issues.
   Six of us rubbed butts, (pork) with Legion Manager's (Eric Englmeir) secret seasoning recipe that marinated for two days in their walk-in refrigerator which helped along with the other magic potions give the pork its great flavor.
   Our Pig Roast chair Stan Harrison did his usual masterful job coordinating our chapter and AVVA volunteers that made this year's Pig Roast a success. Two hundred and ninety dinner tickets were sold.  Stan and I claim the 50/50 raffle tickets we purchased from Roy were defective!  In fact every raffle ticket I buy is defective. 
   Per Treasure Bourne our ticket sales were approximately $4,200.00, 50/50 raffle $400.00, AVVA $100.00.  Merchandise sales was around $700.00.  Stan was disappointed in merchandise sales this year.  Speaking of merchandise, the Clinton Fall Festival is Sept 22nd - 24th.  A help wanted notice will be sent out in early September.   
   Volunteers Friday evening and Saturday morning crew keeping watch on the cooking process.  The  pork pullers from our chapter and the Legion worked all afternoon pulling pork without a break to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  
   Our decision to change our pig roast location paid off again this year.  The Legion's commercial kitchen made easier to prepare for this year's event. We need to send out a huge shout-out to Saline Legion Manager Eric Englmeeir and his 15 or so volunteers that helped again this year. The same goes to our chapter volunteers and those of you that purchased tickets and attended. You all were a part of our success! BTW chapter volunteers purchased their meal tickets to help our fundraiser.  Together we made a difference!
   VVA 310 Dispatch; look for some changes with our county KIAs.  Paulo and Jane asked about shorting the write up on each KIA which will help Paulo manage the newsletter. There will be a active link to route a reader to our Memorial page at www.vva310.org, for additional information on our KIAs.  I liked the idea and would suggest all who submit articles to consider making them short and to the point.  Yes, that may not be possible.  It would be nice to reduce our printing cost with a smaller newsletter.  
   I've asked Paulo to consider submitting our newsletter for VVA's Newsletter of the Year award.  The last one we received was when Luker was the editor in 2017.  Its time to consider submitting our newsletter for Newsletter of the Year.  Looking back on what we've accomplished the last year, think Memorial grounds improvements, Memorial maintenance buildings, VA activities and merchandise sales at the VA, Veterans in the Classroom, among others we may take a shot at our third Chapter of the Year as well.    
   In closing, we picked up a new member Bill Kirstein, USAF from Dexter and sad news to report, member Steve Duncan passed away on the 24th.  Funeral arrangements TBD.   
P. S. A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.