• Chuck and his wife Ann

  • President and Charlie heading to the East Room

  • Chuck and his son Mike

  • Chuck and his daughter Jeanna

  • Medal of Honor

  • East Room For The Medal of Honor Ceromony

Vietnam Veterans of America,
Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310
National Chapter of the Year - 1999 & 2007
Newsletter of the Year 2007, 09, 11, & 15
E-Newsletter of the Year 2017
Chapter member LTC. (Retired) Chuck Kettles receved the Medal of Honor - July 2016
LTC Charles S. Kettles (ret) Passed Away On January 21, 2019.  Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace.......
President’s Message

Tim Driscoll





We honor and salute our 11 deceased VVA Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310 members in 2018 – 2019. We remember.


Waldomar Roeser, DOD 6-25-18
Pete Belaire, DOD 9-23-18
Willy Lee, Jr. DOD 9-24-18
John Kuclo, DOD 10-13-18
Henry Koski, DOD 11-12-18
David Foerster, DOD 11-30-18
Charles S. Kettles, DOD 1-21-19
Roger Goodman, DOD 2-12-19
James Talbot, DOD 2-27-19
Ken Moldovan, DOD 3-14-19
Tom Sorensen, DOD 4-16-19

You know what sets this great VVA Charles S Kettles Chapter 310 apart from all the Nationwide chapters’, who wish they were like us? For me it is easy, it’s our female members. Our country’s female veterans of all of our armed services, all MOS and ranks. They earned all the pride and honor and stand tall with all of us.

Yes, we will always be arm & arm as brothers & sisters for our country’s troops in harm’s way all over the world and at home.
Our outstanding AVVA members and veteran wives in our chapter are always there with us side by side supporting all of our projects, large and small.

We are blessed to have our widowed veteran wives to share this journey together and inspire us in-spite of their greatest lost, their veteran husbands.

Our entire VVA 310 family, VVA members, AVVA members, and family members’ support all of our projects large and small:

 1.Washtenaw County Vietnam Memorial spring cleanup and planting
 2. All VVA Merchandise sales at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare and outside venues
 3. Inventory reconciliation of merchandise sales
 4.All raffles and 50/50 fundraising
 5. Pig Roast setup, food line, cleanup
 6.Support the Troops packing parties
 7. Pot luck at our monthly meetings
 8. Carrying our banner at our parades in Saline, Milan and Ypsilanti
 9. Articles for our award-winning Newsletter “The Dispatch”
 10. Hospital visits at VA Ann Arbor Healthcare for Halloween, Christmas, distributing t-shirts and underwear and pajamas
 11. Gift baskets for the nursing stations at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare
 12. Distributing the handmade cards and giving encouragement to the patients
 13. Sponsoring fundraisers and donating $11,000 to Fisher House Michigan

All of our chapter projects are successful with the magnificent men and women of the VVA Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310 family working together.  They all are run with much heart and soul. Together we work hand in hand as one team.

I look forward to all future VVA Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310 2019 – 2020 projects. Which projects will you assist?


Tim Driscoll
President, VVA Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310