• Chuck and his wife Ann

  • President and Charlie heading to the East Room

  • Chuck and his son Mike

  • Chuck and his daughter Jeanna

  • Medal of Honor

  • East Room For The Medal of Honor Ceromony

Vietnam Veterans of America,
Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310
National Chapter of the Year - 1999 & 2007
Newsletter of the Year 2007, 09, 11, & 15
E-Newsletter of the Year 2017
Chapter member LTC. (Retired) Chuck Kettles receved the Medal of Honor - July 2016


LTC Charles S. Kettles (ret) Passed Away On January 21, 2019.  Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace.......


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President’s Message October 2021


We are the Vietnam Veterans of America, Charles S Kettles Chapter 310, Washtenaw County, Michigan

 harrisonThe Vietnam Veterans of America lobbies Congress to pass legislation and the Veterans Administration to implement those laws properly. We have lawyers to hold the VA’s feet to the fire on Veterans’ issues, and they aren’t afraid to use the courts to get the job done. Of course, they do a lot more at the National level than just work with the government; but, my point is, we have strong advocates at the top of our organization looking out for our interests. That is all “Big Picture” stuff. I think the heart of the VVA is at the local level. It is the fellowship with other Veterans that we feel when we gather. Our doctors tell us that it is essential to maintain a social life and to interact with others as we age. Chapter 310 can be a part of that social life for you. Come to one of our regular meetings on the second Thursday at 7 pm. Please attend one of the many events we do to honor and support veterans. Please stop by one of our fundraising efforts, maybe even pitch in. There is a camaraderie you feel when you are part of group trying to do good things. We strive to be that group.

Stay well and stay proud.

Stay Harrison, President