• Chuck and his wife Ann

  • President and Charlie heading to the East Room

  • Chuck and his son Mike

  • Chuck and his daughter Jeanna

  • Medal of Honor

  • East Room For The Medal of Honor Ceromony

Vietnam Veterans of America,
Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310
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Chapter member LTC. (Retired) Chuck Kettles receved the Medal of Honor - July 2016


LTC Charles S. Kettles (ret) Passed Away On January 21, 2019.  Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace.......


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President’s Message November 2021


We are the Vietnam Veterans of America, Charles S Kettles Chapter 310, Washtenaw County, Michigan


  As I write this Veterans Day is approaching and I am reminded once again of how society honors us as veterans.  Chapter member Nick Bauder sent in information on free dental care on Veterans Day.  That made me think of other tributes, from free car washes to discounted meals, that we enjoy on that day.  Some discounts from local businesses as well as big chain stores are available all year long.  It seems a far cry from how we were treated years ago.

     Our chapter is the beneficiary of many generous contributions from individuals and local businesses that enable us to do our charitable work for veterans.  We are very grateful for all of these and try to use them wisely.

     Often there will be an unexpected need somewhere and Dave Draper or Vance McCrumb will send out an e-mail looking for whatever is required.  It could be anything from home medical equipment to household goods or kitchenware.  If you are not getting these requests now then make sure we have your email address.  You can call me and I'll get you on the list.  It is another way to be proud of your chapter and to be a part of your chapter.

     One more thing.  Chapter member Dave Draper has been named MVAA (Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency) “Veteran of the Year”.  This is a big deal.  He will be honored at a gala at Selfridge ANG and featured at the Michigan Heroes Museum in Frankenmuth for one year.  Dave is not only a Past President of our chapter but I hear that he may belong to other organizations as well (although I can't confirm it).  Join me in congratulating Dave on this great honor.

Stay well and stay proud.

Stay Harrison, President