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The Veterans Crisis Line is staffed by caring, qualified crisis responders who are there to help. Many of these responders are veterans themselves. 

Crisis Line (Call 988)

Crisis Line (Text 838255)

 Camp Lejeune Justice Act 

Who is eligible?

Chapter member LTC. (Retired) Chuck Kettles received the Medal of Honor in July 2016

LTC Charles S. Kettles (ret) Passed Away On January 21, 2019.  Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace...


We lost another hero on December 23, 2021, Lloyd Lee (above). 

Click Here To Find Out If You Qualify For Health Care At The VA As A Veteran.


President McCrumb's Message - July 2024  


dutch me

Have you ever seen Tim Driscoll drool? The Wednesday TLC group did on June 19th. The Lier’s Club met for our normal Wednesday morning coffee at the Brewed Awaken’s. After an hour headed over to Bill Chrispen’s “Man Cave”. Bill has a collection of Classic Cars including a 1956 Belair convertible as well as a 1958 Chevy convertible 348 Tri-Power V8. 

Tim Driscoll stared at that V8 and started to drool as he looked at three individual Rochestercarburetors that were arranged inline on the intake manifold, the center one operating normally and the outer two acting as secondaries, or "dumpers", for full throttle performance. We had to shake Tim and drag him from the ‘58. It was like pulling your dog from a fire hydrant who wasn’t through sniffing. 


Both the ‘56 and ‘58 are in original condition and the ‘56 only has 10,000 original miles on the odometer. Picture credit – Eric Downie. Thanks Eric!

In case your are wondering who is Bill Chrispen? He was the owner Bill Chrispen Chevrolet across the street from Brewed. He sold the dealership about a year ago. He’s a Marine, pre Vietnam, and his service date is outside the window for membership. He gave us $50.00 dollars even though he didn’t qualify. I’m going to submit him for a chapter Honorary Member. 

Stan Harrison and crew had another good Merchandise Sales event at the VA with over $540.00 in sales. His crew consisted of Tim Driscoll, Al Merritt, George Betz, and myself. I encourage others to help with the sales at the VA. We meet some interesting veterans and their family members who stop by to window shop and chat. One of the staff members at the MRI unit bought five hats, one for each branch of service. When asked she said she was creating a display for the MRI lobby area. She also said if a vet asked for a hat she would give it to him or her and purchase a replacement. 

Al Merritt has found a local outlet for chapter polo shirts. The company is Designer Stitchwear of Ann Arbor. Prices are below. If we have a large enough order those prices may come down accordingly. Attend our next meeting and see a couple examples.

Sm, M, XL - $47.00

2X - $49.00

3X - $51.00

Name - $5.00

She also supplied our latest chapter hats with the service ribbon on the back. Good quality hats with quality stitching. 

The 310 Dispatch has made some changes.  In an effort to keep our newsletter to a max of 12 pages some changes had to take place. One being, when necessary, shorting the length of the KIA bios and the other to make the AVVA a stand-alone newsletter. This will allow the AVVA newsletter to be as long as needed. 

There is a link ( on our site to download both the Chapter newsletter as well as the AVVA newsletter. On our site, tap on the Newsletter link.

John K will email it as well as the 310 Dispatch.  So if you received the chapter newsletter via email look for two attachments. If you receive the chapter newsletter via USPS, you will have to go online and download the AVVA newsletter, or read it online. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. 

Sick Call: Louis Kennedy continues his dialysis treatments. 



PS - OK, what's the speed of dark?