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The Veterans Crisis Line is staffed by caring, qualified crisis responders who are there to help. Many of these responders are veterans themselves. 

Crisis Line (Call 988)

Crisis Line (Text 838255)

 Camp Lejeune Justice Act 

Who is eligible?

Chapter member LTC. (Retired) Chuck Kettles received the Medal of Honor in July 2016

LTC Charles S. Kettles (ret) Passed Away On January 21, 2019.  Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace...


We lost another hero on December 23, 2021, Lloyd Lee (above). 

Click Here To Find Out If You Qualify For Health Care At The VA As A Veteran.


President McCrumb's Message - March 2024  



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I’m writing my prez report early because we will be in-route to Montana when I would normally be pounding on the keyboard. Our great granddaughter will turn 1 and she can’t wait to see us. Oh, wait, its us who can’t wait to see her. Plus, turning it in early will keep our editor Paulo happy.

Al Merritt sent me a picture of the new Washtenaw County Vietnam Veterans Memorial sign on East bound I-94, just before West bound Michigan Ave exit. Click here to visit the Memorial Highway page. You can also link to it via our website under the Events tab.

At our Wednesday TLC Coffee we had a surprise visitor, Lloyd Carr who was the head coach of the U of M Football team from 1995-2007. Per Wikipedia he compiled a record of 122-40. His 1997 team was undefeated and declared National Champions by the Associated Press. With Lloyd was Richard Hewlett who was the backup QB on the 1980 team that won the Big Ten. He is best know as a true freshmen starting quarterback in 1979 against Ohio State. Michigan lost 18-15. We gave both our newest challenge coin.

Speaking of challenge coins, our newest ones are for sale for $5.00 each. See Stan Harrison to get yours. 

April 13th is our chapter’s 37th annual recognition dinner. Doors will be open at 5:30. Tickets will be available at the door. This year we will have musical entertainment starting at 5:30. As usual we will have silent auction items thanks to Roy Hall. 50/50 tickets will be available as well as challenge coins at the door.

Washtenaw County Community College Vet Fest – Saturday, August 3, from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Free admission and parking. To RSVP click here. When you enter the event you will be issued a wrist band for the free lunch and prize raffles. Last year they had a chinook helicopter on display and this year Yankee Air Museum will fly in their Huey “Grayhound” for a static display.  Bring your grandkids. They can climb in and experience what you moved around the country in. Well, sort of. 

This Huey is frequently flow by chapter member Bill Steuart to events around the state.  Bill was also instrumental in arranging access for me to talk with the Chief Pilot, Jim Wise, about flying it to Vet Fest. There was an anonymous donor for the Huey’s appearance fee. 

Our annual memorial spring clean up was held on Saturday the 16th. We had a good crew from the chapter show up as well as three employees from Home Depot. Home Depot delivered about 200 bags of bark and they donated a power washer. We spread the bark, picked up twigs, cleaned the benches and picnic table, edged the sidewalks and washed and wiped down he Memorial, weeded the stone beds around the bushes. Wendy weeded the berm on the West side as well as cooking the tube steaks. The grounds are again in top notch shape thanks to the leadership of Al and Jon. When I left Luker and Downey were power washing the sidewalks. 


2024 cleanupcrewa 

Pictured is the spring clean up crew. Some that you don’t recolonize are; second from the left is a friend of Fredo, Darrell Hill, kneeling left is Sabrina Wheeler. Sabrina’s father was a chapter member who passed away last year. Back row left is is Garry Massengill and his wife Linda. The tall guy in the yellow sweat is member Rick Wagner. 

The three from Home Depot front row middle are Dennis McFarland, Jacob Anderson and Candy Cooke. Candy and one of the other two are veterans. We did give them our new challenge coin.

Not pictured, Dave Draper, Ed Scruggs and Bill Coleman.




P.S. Time is the coin of your life. It’s the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. ~  Carl Sandburg


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