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Vietnam Veterans of America,
Charles S. Kettles Chapter 310
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Chapter member LTC. (Retired) Chuck Kettles receved the Medal of Honor - July 2016
LTC Charles S. Kettles (ret) Passed Away On January 21, 2019.  Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace.......
President’s Message
Jon Luker
I just read the executive summary from Working Group II.  I am disappointed.  I agree with the committee’s conclusion – our legacy can be passed from VVA to another organization with the cooperation and interest of veterans of more recent conflicts.  But their ten-page summary contains even less information than the oral briefing we got at the Leadership Conference last year.

The report contained several pages of lament about what members and chapters do not want to do or do not understand.  That was followed by several pages listing different types of business models that can be used for strategic or tactical planning.  Nothing was said about how or whether those models were applied to facts.  Similarly missing was even a hint of what was discovered because of using those tools.  Perhaps we need to wait until July to see the committee’s full report to find out what Working Group II has in store for us.

 An executive summary should be a document that not only explains what will happen in the next several years, it should encourage the reader to commit to making it happen. That was not done in the executive summary I read.  It seemed like something Eeyore wrote.

On another subject, by the time you read this, we will have completed our 32 Annual Recognition Dinner.  At the time of this writing, we have more VIPs scheduled to come than VVA and AVVA members combined.  Part of the reason for that is the exceptional work that the community put in to getting the Memorial parking lot project completed.  It took many hands, in addition to the extra work done by our own Memorial Maintenance crew.  We are inviting them to have dinner on us as a way of saying thank you.

I drove by the Memorial today.  The Easter Lilies are up, the grass is very green and the parking lot makes the whole thing so accessible.  We sure did get some great help with that project.  We also get to honor Bev Conatser who is a veteran as well as having a full career taking care of veterans at the Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System, retiring as Chief of Voluntary Services.  Congratulations to Beverly and all of our honored guests.

This will be winding up my year as President of your Chapter.  I was hoping that new folks would be willing to step up, but, instead, we are recycling our trusty past President, Tim Driscoll, who was a key to establishing the relationship we had with Concordia for so many years.  Past Presidents Bob Kewicinski and Doc Martinez were heard to say that being president is an easy job to do because our members take care of most things without needing to be told.  They say, and I found out, the organization practically runs itself.

The rest of our fiscal year will be interesting.  We will not get to do it like we have done the last several years.  Things will change, except the mission and our drive to get it done.  I look forward to helping the board in my role as secretary in the coming year.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement this year.  I salute you.
De Oppresso Liber

Jon Luke


(By the way, that is the motto of the US Army Special Forces.  For those who may not know, Special Forces Soldiers are the ones who wear the Green Beret.  What that motto means to us is, “to free the oppressed.”)