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The Veterans Crisis Line is staffed by caring, qualified crisis responders who are there to help. Many of these responders are veterans themselves. 

Crisis Line (Call 988)

Crisis Line (Text 838255)

 Camp Lejeune Justice Act 

Who is eligible?

Chapter member LTC. (Retired) Chuck Kettles received the Medal of Honor in July 2016

LTC Charles S. Kettles (ret) Passed Away On January 21, 2019.  Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace...


We lost another hero on December 23, 2021, Lloyd Lee (above). 

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President McCrumb's Message - June 2024  


dutch me

There was a clean-up just prior to our Memorial Day event a the memorial. A good number of us showed up and we got the grounds ready for a white glove inspection. 

Just prior to our Watchfire we held an Elmer White Remembrance. As you know Elmer passed away on May 11th at Bettendorf IA. His daughter and son-in-law as well as Elmer’s brother and sister-in-law were in attendance. An attorney who was a friend of Elmers spoke as well as me representing VVA and Dave Draper representing American Legion. There were cookies and Washtenaw Dairy ice cream for all.

Our annual watch fire followed the Elmer remembrance was rained out with only one flag retired. It was rescheduled. 



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Memorial Day Observance. Someone suggested it was around 200. I believe it was the largest crowd we’ve had in several years. The bag piper, Tom Kennedy, the Ypsilanti Community Choir. They were outstanding. 

Kudos to John Kinzinger for convincing Col. Coolican (left) to speak and creating the program. Thanks to Jane Kinzinger for her picture of the memorial with the new flowers. For the record, John called wanting my favorite picture of the memorial for the program. I suggested he use Jane’s. 

Our speaker was a retired Marine Corps Colonel, Jim Coolican. His talk was very moving and some suggested they were close to tears. Colonel Coolican received the Navy Cross for his action during the 1968 Tet. The man is a true hero and like Chuck Kettles looked like he can still get into his uniform. 

Comments by Ypsilanti Township Supervisor Brenda Stumbo were typical Brenda, outstanding. 

Sidebar – I was sort of directing traffic for the handicap parking in front of our Memorial. A car with a large Marine Eagle, Globe and Anchor attached to the front of his grill pulled up and I with a grin, said “Sir this area is reserved for Air Force”. He chuckled and parked anyway! As it turned out he was our keynote speaker. 

The merchandise team was at the VA again and per Stan they had a good day with gross sales of $518.  The usual suspects, Driscoll, Merritt, Scruggs, and me, were there to help.

Sick Call – Jim Sharp had surgery and is well on the road to being the normal Animal we all know. 




P.S. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.