Watchfire was a military tradition following a battle or long march.  A large fire was started so those missing or lost could find their way.

VVA 310's Watchfire is held on the Sunday prior to Memorial Day at our Memorial on Veterans Drive, Ypsilanti Township at 1800 hrs. We have been holding this event for about 10 years and retire 200 to 300 flags each year.  

Watchfire is also open to the community so they too can respectfully retire unserviceable American Flags.

There are 76 heroes on our Memorial including two MIAs.  Each is remembered by reciting their name as a flag is retired by Chapter members.  We then retire a flag for each Michigan KIA from Iraq and Afganastan.  The remaining flags are then retired in the name of someone dear to them.

Picture credit Gena Hecker and Dogman.  

The Memorial at dusk and under the night lights
John K explaining the meaning of Watchfire The first retirement of the evening