AVVA is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to advancing the full range of issues affecting Vietnam veterans, their families, and their communities. Our more than 7,000 members are families, friends, and supporters of Vietnam veterans, as well as Vietnam veterans, and veterans of other eras. AVVA is affiliated with VVA, the nation's leading Vietnam veterans organization. Together, we work to ensure that Vietnam veterans get the honor, respect, and benefits they deserve.

AVVA brings an additional focus on those who stayed behind when our men and women in uniform answered the call to service. This is the extended family that makes up the Vietnam experience--the parents, spouses, children, friends, and communities of veterans.

AVVA is the place for this extended family to join together for action-healing reconciliation, mutual support, and fellowship. AVVA members can affiliate with any of VVA's 600 chapters, joining in outreach and assistance to veterans' legislative action, community service, and social activities.

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America began as a group of members within Vietnam Veterans of America. As the scope of activities and number of people involved grew, this membership group formed the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America in 1999, as an independent membership and service organization.

AVVA remains affiliated with Vietnam Veterans of America, lending the expertise and leadership of its members in all of VVA's programs.

Individual Membership $20.00 per year, $50.00 for 3 years.
Lifetime membership is available.

Please check out the AVVA website for more information.

AVVA Membership Eligibility

Membership in AVVA is open to anyone. Our members include spouses, parents, children, and friends of Vietnam Veterans. All Veterans are welcome to join AVVA. Veterans who served during the Vietnam era (February 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975) may join as non-voting members.

AVVA members can affiliate with any of the more than 600 chapters of Vietnam Veterans of America. 

Join us today! Please print the AVVA Membership Form and submit it to the address included in the form.pdf AVVA Membership Form

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AVVA 310 Certificate of Appreciation

Jane Kinzinger, Sharon and Bob Kwiecinski  2013
Wendy Hibbitts  2014
Meni Draper  2015
Shirley Hitte and Gena Hecker  2016





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