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If you look closely you will see the

reflection of the south panel. 

Photo  06/30/20

The Kneeling Soldier is courtsy of Animal. 

It is just north (right) of theMemorial

Installed June 2020

boots edited 1

 These boots belonged to Tom Fifefield. He

wore them while in Vietnam.  They were on

display at the Memorial dedication and soon

disappeared. Photo 11/10/1991



After a nice snow fall December 2018 5

This image was taken many years ago just prior to

our Memorial Day Service.  L-R - Chief, John K,

& the late Leather Neck Pete, may he rest in Peace.

Memorial Day 2019 1 memorial day 2019
2 memorial day 2019

Memorial Day 2019


Sidewallk in front of the Memorial.  There are

76 crosses, one for each of the 76 killed in Vietnam.

Each cross has a name of the KIA from Waashtenaw

County.  Included in the 76 are two MIAs.

Drone view of the Memorial

June 2020

Flags 1

Veterans Drive leading to the Ypsilanti Twp.

offices and the Memorial.

Click here to view the drone video by Phil P.


June 2020

December 2014 memorial 004A
color marine  
Evening shot about 2018 memorial right
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