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bourdeau chief 1 clarke dell
Gary Bourdeau - U.S. Army & Navy George Perrault - U.S. Navy Retired Tim Clarke - USAF
Dell Mayes - U.S. Army 

Deceased 2023

dempsey driscoll elmer dave_hizer
Jim Dempsey - USAF Tim Driscoll - U.S. Army Elmer White - USAF Dave Hizer - U.S. Army K-9 

Deceased 2021

horace john k leather neck
Horace Frazier, Jr. - Army Artillery John Kinzinger - Army 1st Cav
Pete Belaire - USMC
Deceased 2018
Marv Rivers - USMC
lloyd marty paulo phil
Lloyd Lee - U.S. Army
Deceased 2021
Marty Cothorn - U.S. Army Nurse Paulo-Juarez Pereira - U.S. Army
Phil Hecker - Army 1st Cav  
Deceased 2018
don tommy richard winter
Don Behm Army 82nd Airborne Tom Mullins - Army SOG Richard Price - U.S. Army Ralph Winter - U.S. Army
rudy_kozole epps ballou mcmannus
 Rudy Kozole - USAF Bill Epps - Army 1st Cav Bill Ballou - U.S. Army Jack McMannus - USAF
totten roggy vmccrumb
Richard Totten - U.S. Army Ken Rogge - USAF Retired Vance McCrumb - USAF K-9 Don St. Amant - USMC K-9
merritt manning betz steve
Al Merritt - U.S. Army Robert Manning - U.S. Army George Betz - U.S. Army Steve Alpaugh - Army 1st Cav
tomwall miller henderson jay baxter
Tom Fifield - U.S. Army Don Miller - U.S. Navy Gen. Willam Henderson USMC
Jay Baxter - USMC
    F-4 Phantom Pilot 125 Missions  


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