Supporting Our Troops

Supporting our troops is an essential part of the VVA310 way of life.  This takes planning, scheduling, and hard work on part of a lot of Chapter members and volunteers. On a regular basis we receive feedback from our troops who have received packages from us. Below are examples of some of the notes we have receive from our troopers serving in harms way. 

VVA310 members, AVVA members, our Friends group, and others participate in the packing parties at the Ann Arbor VFW Post 423 every other month.  Below are some milestone pictures of our 2000, 2500 and 3000 packages packed. 

3000th Package

3000 grp


Above: Group of membes and volunteers. Above: George Perrault and Pres. Bob Kwiecinski.


On April 27, 2012 our VVA Chapter 310 reached another milestone.  The 3000th Support Our Troops Care Package was assembled and personally signed by everyone in attendance that day.  The package was sent to Adam Betz in Afghanistan.  Adam is the XO for his Michigan Army National Guard 1st Battalion 125th Infantry Regiment.  There were 49 boxes packed that day by over 30 people.  The total packing time was an amazing 30 minutes!  It is such a beautiful event to see all the love that is packed with these packages.  I know that all this love is felt when our men and women in Harms Way open up the packages. 

A big thanks goes to George Perrault for once again purchasing most of the packing goodies and setting up for the packing party.  Also, on that day we gained two new members; Steve Hitte joined VVA as a life member while his wife Shirley joined the Friends group.


 Pictured above are Jane Kinzinger, Tim Driscoll, and George Perrault (on the table).  This was our 2500 package shipped on 07/24/2011  Above is our 2000 box sent in 2010.  Pictured are George Perrault and John Kinzinger