Our VVA310 Chapter proundly presents our offices, directors, and point persons for various projects and responsibilities within our organization.

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President - Jon Luker
Vice President - Al Merritt Secretary - Paulo Pereira
Treasurer - Berry Bourne
US Army
US Army Gun Truck Driver US Army US Army
Panama 1967-71
Vietnam 1969- 1970 Vietnam 1967-68
Killeen Base, Tx 1963-65
President Jon Luker
Nominating Chair Marv Rivers
Vice President Al Merritt
Nominating Co-Chair Vance McCrumb
Treasurer Berry Bourne
Michigan Trust Fund
Secretary Paulo Pereira
Webmaster Vance McCrumb
Segeant at Arms Tim Clarke
Agent Orange Sandie Wilson
Chaplain Gordon Moore By Laws Gordon Moore
State Delegate Jon Luker
Constitution Tom Fifield
Alt. State Delegate Tim Driscoll
Finance Open
County Delegate Open
County Delegate 1 Year John Kinzinger Legislative Elmer White
Kathy Driscoll
Vance McCrumb
Jane Kinzinger
Minority Affairs
Horace Fraizer
Community Services
John Kinzinger Product Sales
Al Dieter - Chair
Ecomonic Affairs
Open Product Sales
Gary Bourdeau
Food Pantry
Don Miller Product Sales
Jon Luker
Legal Affairs
Elmer White Vet Justice Committee
Don Miller
Memorial John Kinzinger  
           Directors: 1 Years  Directors: 2 Year
Memorial Grounds Al Merritt Roy Hall
Dave Draper
Vance McCrumb
Tim Driscol
PTSD Open Don Miller
John Kinzinger
VMAC Rep John Kinzinger Elmer White
Dell Mayes
310 Dispatch Editor
 Paul Pereira
Sandie wilson
George Perrault
Our VVA310 Chapter has a distinguished list of past presidents. We honor our past presidents for their service, dedication, and distinguished accomplishments.
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