Robert Allen Albertson


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Private First Class Robert Allen Albertson was born on January 1, 1947 in Ypsilanti, Michigan to Mr. and Mrs. Vern Albertson. Robert graduated from Ypsilanti High School in 1966. He worked at the Ypsilanti Plant of the Ford Motor Company prior to entering service in the Army on May 3, 1966.

Private First Class Robert Allen Albertson started his tour of duty in South Vietnam on October 11, 1967 serving as an infantryman with A Company, First Battalion, 8th Cavalry, First Cavalry Division. Robert died as a result of small arms fire on November 4, 1967 after being In-Country for only 23 days.

Robert Albertson is survived by his wife, parents and two brothers. Robert lived 20 years, 10 months and 3 days. He is resting in Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti, Michigan. His name is listed on the Vietnam Memorial located in Ypsilanti Township under Ypsilanti. Robert's name also appears on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC on Panel 29E Line 018.


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