Dancing On A Land Mine by Paul Stewart Dumsch
How 'bout you?
Still looking for the edge?
D'you long for it?
Miss it?
Seek it out at every opportunity?

The razor's edge!!!
Hair-line slice to the psyche
Found in combat.


That RUSH!!!
Adrenaline-electric hairs
At attention on the back of a neck.

How d'you find it again?
I know ya continue to look.
As it looks for you…
The booze?
The drugs?
A motorcycle?
Fast car?
A parachute jump?
Or maybe the last bar fight?

Is it the edge that scares us?

Or knowing we're dancing on a land mine?

Paul Stewart Dumsch
19th Lgt Inf Bde
D Trp 17th Cav
Vietnam 1968-69