When submitting a proposal for funding, you must complete the attached Grant Proposal Cover Sheet and the Grant Proposal Outline as indicated in full.

Applicants will be notified in writing of a decision within 8-12 weeks of receipt. Applicants should plan accordingly.
All materials submitted become the property of AVVA.

Recipients of this AVVA Grant agree to submit a 250-500-word narrative explaining the use of the funds received and how the grant will impact operations. The narrative should be suitable for publication in The VVA Veteran, annual reports or similar publications. All grants are subject to audit by AVVA at any time. Unless otherwise approved, all grants may be disbursed quarterly or annually upon receipt of a report detailing the progress and time of project funded by AVVA. AVVA will forward funds to the treasurer or administrator of the grant or as indicated in the grant proposal.

Recipients of AVVA grants may be required to submit periodic reports detailing activities related to the grant. The number of reports and their due dates will be outlined in the grant award letter. Failure to file reports in a timely manner may result in forfeiture of the remaining grant or any future considered grant proposals.

AVVA reserves the right to visit, and/or review and monitor all activities related to the management and operation of the grant.


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