Commander William Mayes

Commander William Mayes was an Electricity Plans Officer with the US Navy in Iraq.  As the United States' combat mission winds down, experts like Mayes - who is helping to build Iraq's electrical capacity and infrastructure - are becoming ever more vital to a successful peace.

He joind the Navy in 1992 while he was an undergrad in Aerospace Engineering.

He was not in ROTC, but signed up for the  Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) Necular program.

After graduation and initial training he served aborad the USS Harry S. Truman (neculear powered aircraft carrier) from 1996-1999. 

He then returned to Ann Arbor as an officer recruiter from 1999-2002. During this time he recruited engineering students into the NUPOC program, and earned a MSE degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Commander Mayes returned from Iraq in January 2010.

bill mayes

Commander Mayes at Al Faw Palace in Baghdad