The generous yearly donations of Friends has made it possible to purchase and donate several substantial items to VVA 310.

A storage shed was needed at the site of our Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Ypsilanti Township. This is used to store the riding lawn mower and other tools used to maintain the grounds around our Memorial. The Friends purchased the storage shed used to house and protect the equipment.

Two Chapter Banners were designed and paid for by the Friends group in 2009. The larger banner is used at fairs and events where it is desirable to have "Vietnam Veterans of American Chapter 310" very visible. The smaller banner, with the same Vietnam emblem in the center and Vietnam ribbon colors, is carried in local parades. Usually Friends carry the banner to identify our Chapter as we march in parades in Ypsilanti, Milan, Chelsea, Saline, and Clinton.

Friends Tree

A Bradford Pear Tree was purchased and planted on the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 2003. This tree has a brass plaque identifying it as "Friends Tree, in Memory of Theresa Mullins." This tree was planted in memory of Theresa who was a dear Friend of VVA 310 and wife of Tom Mullins. Theresa passed away April7, 2002. This pear tree stands in her memory and for all Friends of VVA 310.

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Remembrance of Theresa Mullins May 10, 2007, who passed away April 7, 2002. A Bradford Pear Tree was planted in her honor on May 11, 2003.

On May 11, 2003, Friends of Chapter 310 VVA gathered at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to dedicate a tree in remembrance of Theresa Mullins, one of our fellow Friends who passed away on April 7, 2002, at the young age of 50.

The Friends of Chapter 310 wanted a fitting tribute to the memory of our wonderful Friend, Theresa, because she was such an important part of our Chapter and such a steadfast helper of all veterans, especially those patients she helped at the VA Hospital.

The Bradford tree that stands behind the Memorial was selected then planted May 11, 2003, to stand as a reminder of our beloved Theresa and a symbol of the support all Friends of Chapter 310 provide.

We selected the special spot where the Bradford Pear was planted. It overlooks the Memorial and provides a lovely frame for it, especially when it is blooming in the spring. This lovely tree reminds us of the beautiful person we lost to cancer.

A bronze plaque at the base of the tree reads, "Friends Tree, in Memory of Theresa Mullins." We miss her and remember her always. Sandra Martinez was responsible for ordering the plaque.